5 July 2022

Today we are going to talk to you about oil extraction, especially about avocado oil, which we are experts in. There are many extraction methods for different oils. Each one is adapted to the type of raw material with which you are working. We are going to focus on the cold pressing extraction method. Have you heard of it? Do you know what it consists of? The cold-pressing oil extraction method is a mechanical extraction method that is carried out at low temperature, thus preserving the properties of the fruit.

Our way of cold pressing:

  1. First, clean the avocado and separate the stone from the skin.
  2. The pulp is then put into a blender and beaten. This stage of the process is one of the most important, which characterises this method. The temperature at which this process has to be carried out must be low. By extracting the oil at a low temperature, we obtain a higher quality oil, although less in quantity. Normally this process should be carried out at less than 45ºC but at PerseusFoods we carry it out at 30ºC in order to obtain the highest quality oil possible.
  3. At the end of the beating process, we pass the paste through a centrifuge to separate the oil and water on the one hand and the pulp on the other.
  4. Once we have water and oil on one side, they separate due to their different densities.
  5. Finally, the oil is stored and bottled. Thanks to this method, the oil is preserved for a longer period of time due to the presence of antioxidants, as this method allows the extraction of natural antioxidants such as tocopherols and phenolic compounds.

If you are one of those who take care of your diet and give importance to the quality of food, you should pay attention to the way it is processed. So, when you buy avocado oil or any other oil that you are going to consume or use raw, make sure that it is extracted by “cold pressing” as it will have better benefits for your body.


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