Work and wisdom come together to develop an excellent range of products derived from avocado
Perseus Food

Our history

The Perseus project started in a place with a strong entrepreneurial character in the north of Spain called the Basque Country, a region known for its unique culture and language and, of course, its famous gastronomy.

Innovative, passionate and lifelong friends, Fran Arrese and Josu Trebolazabala, decided in 2013 to take their passion for food to the next level and created the Perseus brand.

Since then, they have become specialists in the production of avocado oil and derived products that promote healthy eating, working for sustainability and fostering close collaboration with farming communities.

Pioneers in the extraction of cold-pressed avocado oil in Europe and, over the years, they have been recognized as a world reference in this sector.

Fran Arrese y Josu Trebolazabala


We provide a range of sophisticated and unique products


Products with internationally recognized organic certification
100% vegan

100% vegan

Plant origin, free of dairy and animal derivatives


We constantly work with the goal of generating zero waste


Export mentality breaking down barriers

Perseus Food

National and international recognitions

Different national and international awards have endorsed our project in addition to the quality of its innovative foods.

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