How to choose the best avocado on the market

28 April 2021


Do you know how to choose the best avocado? On many occasions, we find avocados that are too stale or, on the contrary, ripe. Today we will give you several tips to avoid making a mistake when making the purchase!

First of all, it will be helpful if you choose avocados one at a time. When we buy them in pack, it is not possible to assess the state of all avocados. Sometimes it is difficult to give up the offers of the packs, but a promotion is no longer profitable, at the moment that one of the avocados cannot be enjoyed due to its bad condition.

Another thing that will help you is to touch the avocados, always with a glove or bag in between, you will be able to find out about their degree of maturity. It is advisable to buy it when it is firm and wait to consume it for a couple of days.

The color of the skin is another of the characteristics of the avocado that can give us a clue, you will know that it is at the optimal moment when they have an almost black color.
Maybe you have never noticed that at the bottom of the avocado there is a circle where the avocado joined the tree that we will call “button”. If by removing the button you find an intense green color, it is ready.

Remember to choose avocados that suit you based on when you plan to consume them. Do you know any other tricks?

Perseus Foods, producer of Organic Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, to Participate in BIOFACH 2023

Perseus Foods, producer of Organic Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, to Participate in BIOFACH 2023

Perseus Foods, el líder en la producción de Aceite de Aguacate Orgánico Extra Virgen, participará en la feria comercial BIOFACH 2023 de alimentos orgánicos en Nuremberg, Alemania. La compañía, fundada en 2015, brinda a los mercados gourmet y orgánicos aceite de aguacate de alta calidad y productos innovadores como Avobetter, un aceite de aguacate orgánico para untar, y Avopearls, perlas delicadas de aceite de aguacate. El aceite de aguacate orgánico extra virgen de Perseus Foods recibió una medalla de oro en la Competencia AVPA de París en 2021 y Avobetter fue nombrado uno de los productos innovadores de SIAL en París en 2016. La compañía está comprometida con la sostenibilidad y los ingredientes naturales, y está ansiosa de presentar sus productos y reunirse con líderes y clientes de la industria en BIOFACH 2023

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Today we are going to talk to you about oil extraction, especially about avocado oil, which we are experts in. There...

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